Wednesday, March 10, 2010

to you

i love love.

as i walked home today in the chilly march weather, i made this realization today. it was rather revolutionary, considering love has done me wrong one too many times (my theory behind why emily dickinson is so melancholy).

i walked, and i listened to garbled information from people passing me by. i walked, and i stole glances at the girl walking to class with stress in her eyes, the boy coming out of the science building--the couples walking hand-in-hand.

i love loving peanut butter m&m's.
i love loving art.
i love loving people
like my dad and his loudness.
my mom and her honesty.
my sister and brother and their banana fight the other day.
like my granny and her bread rolls.
like my grandma and her crossword puzzles.
like my granddad and his supposedly vast amounts of knowledge.

like the missionaries.
like sexy sadie. like whit leigh.

i love loving stella.
i love loving literature and learning and french.

i even love loving that one time. at that one place. in draper.

and despite everything that i haven't loved about the past little while, i may or may not love loving what i learned.

i'm pretty sure i'll love loving that, too.
it's just gonna take me a while to get there.


Brady and McCall said...

Kayleigh, you never cease to amaze me with your writing. I love reading your blog, I love the way you write. I just want to get into your head sometime. We need to talk. Love will do you right one of these times(I promise), when you are absolutely not looking for it. And you will love it! Love ya girl!

Ana said...

you're quite poetic my friend :) how do you do all those cool font and spacing things?

Whitney Leigh said...

i love loving you too.
told you you'd never turn back after today.

mccall, if you're reading this, i DEMAND an invitation to your blog.

Jeff and Sarah said...

Hahahaha, got a good chuckle out of the banana fight. Good times (when it is in the past) Great blog. I love you.

Brady and McCall said...

What is Whitney Leigh's email address?

Kayleigh said...

It's foxigirl14 at hotmail dot com.

:) She'll be happy you got her message via my blog.

Whitney Leigh said...

Do you love what you learned yet?

Whitney Leigh said...

Do you love what you learned yet?