Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My car got hit today.

Let me rephrase car got hit by a bicyclist today.

A bicyclist.

Now, I have to say, it was reassuring to me to know that right when the girl had hit the door, I was not concerned about the car, but I was really hoping the girl was all right (sometimes I wonder about my view of society...sometimes people just drive me nuts...and I'm glad that a material possession doesn't naturally come before peoples' well-beings). I mean, that can't be a pleasant experience! So, after my ramblings of "Are you okay? Are you sure?" about six times, she rode off with who I'm assuming was her boyfriend.

Then was time to worry about my car. When I was opening the door, I felt it go back farther than it should when she hit it. It definitely opens up farther than it normally did, and makes a creaky noise every time it opens. But, it does shut just fine, so I'm thinking it's okay.

Even still....poor Stella (that's the name of my car).

I absolutely love that car. It's this bright red, two-door 1992 Honda Civic that I bought this past summer. It's a manual, gets great gas mileage, and I got the loan on it and fixed it up with my own money. No financial help from my parents and they didn't even need to sign on the loan with me. I was so proud of myself. And it's so much fun to drive! Manuals are definitely the best. I wouldn't go back, if I had the choice. So, just thinking that she might be broken or I'd have to fork out money that I don't have to fix her is killing me.

I reiterate...

...poor, poor Stella. :(

Here's me standing next to my lovely car (note Andy's arm on the left hand side carrying my purse). I cry a little inside every time I think about what happened....but, I am glad that girl was okay. I felt way bad for her. (I did get a little more upset as time wore on as the reality of the situation sank in, but it really was just kind of an accident...and it was dark. At least I didn't run into her with my car. That would have been a whole new world of problems.)


Whitney Leigh said...

was it because of your crappy parking job? because that would totally suck if it was. and p.s. I am starting to work on my blog again. I am figuring it out.

Kayleigh said...

It wasn't a crappy parking job. We'd just got back from shopping, and I had actually parked really well and really close to the curb. I was not out of my boundaries next to the bike lane at all, and she just ran into my door. I'm thinking it was because she was biking next to her boyfriend outside the bike lane, and she probably wasn't really paying attention (like I wasn't, either) and she just ran into it.

And good. I'll check out your blog. :)

Whitney R said...

I think I'll post about the time I pretty much ran over a little boy on a bike... I know. GASP! It was traumatic but I can laugh and make fun of myself NOW.

Do you think I should out myself as a girl who ran over a little boy on a bike?

Kayleigh said...

You ran over a little boy on a bike! I'm thinking you could out yourself as long as nobody was injured or killed....and as long as you didn't run him over on purpose...and I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume you're not out to kill people on bicylces.

Whitney Leigh said...

what a bitch.