Tuesday, March 9, 2010

baked potatoes and temperature changes

i found myself wanting a letter today. not for the reasons that most people would think a girl would want a letter from a missionary. even a missionary that kissed her right before he left.

no, that ship has sailed. left the harbor many moons ago leaving nothing but settling waves.

mostly, i want a letter for my own selfish sense of closure. my own selfish sense of the past meeting the present, because i think that's all this letter will be for me. or maybe it will be a tender mercy...because despite my lack of attachment to said missionary, his letters do seem to come at the right moments in time.

and as i said earlier, it was a let it be kind of day.

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Whitney Leigh said...

okay- so that guy I thought was Muslim was actually Joe. Got it, got it. I was getting the weeks mixed up. I was right for the most part in guessing about which guys you were talking about.