Friday, September 28, 2012

today's menu.

when i first started dating parker, i was convinced he was a picky eater.

"i don't like broccoli."
"i don't like chicken noodle soup."
"i don't like carrots."
"i don't like cauliflower."

if my mom was cooking something, i'd tell her, "parker doesn't like that." (which parker hated, by the way. "don't tell your mom i don't like what she's cooking!")

it wasn't until later that i realized i was wrong.
horribly, horribly wrong.

i'm the picky eater.

i hate cooked tomatoes. in anything. they freak me out beyond all reason.
i hate most kinds of cheeses other than maybe mozzarella and cheddar. and i've tasted a lot of other cheeses, especially of the french variety. mostly at an actual cheese party that the french club had while i was at byu. where i met one of the five browns and creeped on him by taking a picture. then i talked to him. 

but i digress.

i hate really thick pieces of deli meat. i'm not a huge cooked ham fan, unless it's a spiral cut honey ham, but even then the slices have to be really thin.

random, right?
then there's all this random food that i love that most people hate.

salt and vinegar chips? love.
pickled onions? yes please. and yes, i can hear you judging me through the internet and through time.
noodles with just butter and salt. what is that about?

so, i'm a picky eater. 
there you go parker.

this is actually somewhat unrelated.
it was just a pretty picture from our wedding.
(i need to upload more photos other than
wedding ones to my computer.)


Whitney Leigh said...

everybody love salt and vinegar chips, have you ever met someone who says, "ah hell no I don't like no salt and vinegar chi-" salt and vinegar chips are DELICIOUS!

Whitney Leigh said...

I just read my old comment and it made me laugh. I'm funny. You have a funny friend.