Thursday, September 27, 2012

i do love thursdays. but this one was humiliating.

let's talk about the awesome night that i've had.

i decided while walking into my apartment, dodging the awkward stares from my freeloader, 30-something male neighbors smoking on their porch (who, i'm pretty sure, are that 47% that mitt romney was talking about. judge me all you want.):

i'd pretty much had it with people today, for a few reasons.

first, creepers that go to winco and shop and look at me while i'm trying to buy deodorant.
and then when i leave the store i look like i'm following them because i'm trying to dodge a truck that's backing out. i got really close to that truck so i wasn't as close as i could've been to the creepers who were hocking (is that the word?) loogies right in front of me.

ogden is full of classy people.

second, my aforementioned neighbors.


third, the fact that aunt flo is coming for a visit

(story behind that: basically i just looked up euphemisms for period, and that one was just about as golden as it got.)


because i was in this mood, i decided to blame aunt flo and decided that i needed, no...deserved a night where i didn't work on my online class and watched hours of how i met your mother while eating some of the mini twixes (how do you pluralize that? twixi? twixen?) i bought for pj. then i painted my nails.

yeah. they're pink. and sparkly.
i'm kind of a no-pink gal. not for any moral reason, i just don't think pink really goes with my personality. 

(yes. my bouquet at the temple was pink. this was not my decision.
the florist didn't know the difference between "red" and "pink."
i don't want to talk about it.)

when people think of kayleigh, they do not think, "PINK!" they usually think about how sorry they am that i am my father's daughter. or how i'm that mormon chick at work who sometimes says bad words. (emphasis on sometimes, in case an in-law of mine reads this.)

so, my night was pretty....well......
read the post i just wrote and decide for yourself.
i won't place judgments in your head.

here's to you moon unit.
and to the fact that i will post. even if it's just you who reads it.

love, delete


Whitney Leigh said...

I hate people too.
and ogden scares me. but meh, you lived in west layton for 18 years, so....
and I like your pink nails and not so pink personality.

Brittany Erin Nelson said...

I know what you mean about working customer service. You and those pink nails, you deserved each other.

EmJ said...

What a day! Sorry that it was one of "those" days ... I had one myself yesterday. Those confounded fluctuating hormones make everything worse!

If it at all helps, have you heard of I hope it will make you laugh/sigh and give you a place to vent your own work frustrations! I think you'll love it.

Jessica Rose said...

I also had one of those days. My code-lock door battery died...when I was outside, with $200 of groceries in the car. So I climbed in through the window of my house to get in. Did I mention I'm on the END of a second story? Yep, I climbed the freakin trellis on the side.

Oh, and I have no hot water heater, but that's been the same for almost a month. The guy was supposed to come replace it today. Kind of how like he was supposed to replace it every day for the past 3 weeks.

And the only reason the fridge door closes now is because I have an ottoman in front of it. Yes, moving the furniture is easier than closing the fridge door.

And my husband is at an interview in Phoenix, so I have no car. It's parked at the SLC airport. So I had to walk to mock-trial in heels. Yes, heels. Really high heels.

Girl, I feel ya. Except I watched grey's anatomy and didn't paint my nails because I don't have any nail polish. You should come down from Ogden and we can paint nails together. Capiche?

(That was a really long rant to basically tell you that I getcha.) Love.

Amber Robertson said...

I heard through the grape vine that you live in Ogden! It is a place full of classy people, for sure. I find myself wondering how I ever ended up in such an exotic and sophisticated place. Especially considering that I work with the inner city kids who day to day show me the meaning of class.
Your husband is doing the accounting program at Weber right? (I hope he is, cause this will be embarrassing if he's not) My husband is too! Hooooooray! I hope yours is enjoying it ever as much as mine is.
P.S. Sorry for your day. My nails are pink too which isn't my color either.