Sunday, September 30, 2012

at least i tried.

yesterday in the general relief society meeting, they mentioned briefly about how relief society is the type of place where women will invite another woman sitting by herself to come and sit with them. (essentially, that the relief society is a society of women striving to be the type of person who cares about individuals and strives to make their lives better through charity.)


i kept thinking to myself about how i'm often that lone woman. and how (often) i like it that way. how sometimes i think to myself when i see the relief society get up "please don't talk to me. please don't talk to me."

i realized that's probably not always a bad thing (independence, solitude, yada yada), but it's not always a good thing either. and in my case, i don't think it's a good thing.

i thought that maybe my speed bump in life will be to not be so unapproachable (or at least not be so unapproachable mentally, because people don't seem to have a problem coming up to chit chat).

so, i decided today to say hello to a woman next to me right after relief society.

she told me her name, and her last name just happened to be jolley.

"what!!! that's my last name too! no way."
i then kept chit-chatting with her (i'm sorry, but sometimes i hate chit-chat) about where she was from, why she was in utah, etc. i even introduced her to pj as "another jolley!"

well, after all of that business, i decided i was thirsty and got up to get a drink. when i came back from my agua break,

the lady had left.


must have scared her off. (i was getting a bit too excited about the last name jolley.)
but! a for effort, right?

happy sabbath, everyone.

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