Thursday, September 6, 2012

that time i needed to share an opinion on hollywood. and kanye west.

while i was in fresno i found a couple of people magazines on my mother-in-law's desk. which was pretty shocking, since my mother-in-law doesn't seem like the people magazine type of person. (which is a good thing.)

well, people magazine is my guilty pleasure. i read it. i mock it. i look at the pretty colors and then take a step back to realize the writing is ridiculous and who the heck cares about what hilary duff named her baby? 

(although, in the case of gwyneth paltrow, everyone should care. apple? seriously?)

anyways, i was glancing at it today and i came across a small blurb about kim kardashian and kanye west and their lovely relationship. here was the caption underneath a picture of them at a french ice cream parlor.

"during a break from the cannes film festival may 23, the pair slipped out for a sweet treat. on their french ice cream date, they held hands and tried several samples before deciding on a flavor."


i'm speechless. mostly because i'm laughing so hard.

"when waking up one morning, kimanye stared longingly into each others' eyes while debating on whether to eat trix or honey bunches of oats."

see. i can do it too.

that there caption in people magazine is going to win a pulitzer.

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Whitney Leigh said...

when it comes to the Kardashians, I'm all about Kourtney. Kim's and idiot. and Khloe is so damn pushy it's obnoxious.

and apple isn't as bad as Jessica Simpson's baby girl who somehow got two boy names. Something about Maxwell Penis Simpson.... I dunno. poor thing.nglyset 6