Monday, September 3, 2012

nutella isn't allowed through airline security.

the title has fairly little to do with this post. other than the fact that we bought our first jar of nutella in fresno over the weekend, only to have the half-eaten jar confiscated at airline security after we thought i lost my phone.

i went to fresno this weekend. that's where pj's family is from.

i always enjoy going to fresno, and it always amazes me that two years ago, i didn't even know that my in-laws let alone parker existed.

i come from a small family of three, where i am the oldest and always wanted an older sibling.
parker comes from a LARGE family of five (large in comparison to what i'm used to) and he is the youngest. meaning his family is that much bigger because all of his older siblings are married and have children.

now he's the oldest in my family (something he always wanted) and i'm the youngest in his (something i always wanted).

it's pretty great. and somewhat intimidating. i'm so used to being the older one, the one that kind of bosses people around (let's face it: i'm bossy). i'm used to being the one that has more life experience; the one who gives the college advice or the high school advice to the siblings behind me who didn't know what they were doing.

now i'm the youngest. i don't know how to raise kids. i don't know how to be married. i don't really know how to be in their family (although it's not that hard....they've all just been there much longer than i have).

BUT. despite the fact that sometimes i feel intimidated, i also feel very much at home with all of them. from their somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, to their loudness (believe you a family that big, you have to be loud).

and the real clincher was the fact that his house has about 15 norman rockwell prints scattered throughout the house. basically an illustration idol.

i'm proud to be one of 'em.
(although i am of the firm belief that once a skinner, always a skinner.)

look at me. i'm an aunt.

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