Monday, April 2, 2012

hello hello hello hello we welcome you today.

i got tagged from whit over at as luck would have it. (for those of you who haven't given up on me and this blog. truth is, i can't post from a tablet, which is what i've been using. so when i get on my laptop, i post.)

here goes!!

1. who has your heart?
well, aside from billy joel or gregory alan isakov, i would have to say parker.
kidding. it's totally parker. i love that boy.

2. if you could commit any crime and completely get away with it (even God didn't see it) what would you do?
i don't know that i can answer that! really, if it came down to it, i would be a graffiti artist like banksy. which isn't a huge crime, but it's about as hard core as my street cred can handle.

3. what is the weirdest thing that you love?
pickled onions. and pickled beets. mostly anything pickled. and the guy who plays snape on harry potter (although i wouldn't say love...maybe just a weird crush).


4. what would you do if you won a billion dollars?
i would go on a road trip around the u.s. with parker, then i'd go backpacking through europe. with parker. mostly i'd go on vacations. no expensive cars for me. stella's got my back.

5. if you could have any mode of transportation, what would it be?
a flying car. hands down. i know it's not real, but i couldn't tell you how many times i've imagined my car taking off when i'm stuck in traffic. then i'm disappointed when it doesn't happen.

6. what is your dream job?
oh. my. gosh. professional illustrator who illustrates album artwork for bands as well as does editorial illustration. holy crap i want to do that. i have a ways to go though.

7. what celebrity would you like to hang out with for 24 hours?
emma stone. hands down. i think she's awesome and just weird enough that we'd get along.

8. what human trait do you find obnoxious?
people who act superior to other people. haha. bad experiences with that one. (let's just say a roommate moved out because i called her out on that...oops.)

9. where do you work?
currently unemployed. but have possible interviews this week!! can i get a what what? (i only say that because "can _ _ _ what what?" was a clue for a crossword i did yesterday.)

10. what characteristic do you wish you had?
i really wish i had more faith in myself. because i don't, and you kind of need that thick skin and confidence in the industry i've chosen. someday.

11. who would win in a fight between a grilled cheese and a...taco...?
is that what you were really going to ask me? well, i think the grilled cheese sandwich - but only in a fair fight. but if it was prison rules, i'd put my money on the taco.

and i'm lame. i probably won't tag anybody. but if you want to do it and you're reading this, let me know! maybe i'll make the next post questions, if people care. haha.

poor blog. someday i'll get back to you.


Whitney Leigh said...

i'm so happy.

Jessica Rose said...

yes please, more blog. Not that I can talk...

PS I ALWAYS imagine my car flying when I'm in traffic. It is BRILLIANT!

Whitney Leigh said...

on the topic of flying car, it's weird but my first thought isn't harry potter. it's grease. Which I think is the cheesiest moment in film history. no one knows why that part has to be in there.

A Spinster's Guide to Dating said...

We got tagged by whit to do this too! Your answers are super funny. Love it :)