Thursday, March 8, 2012


i've been obsessed with princess diana.
i've eaten a lot of pickles (much to the chagrin of parker).
i've had some mini (and not so mini) crises as to where my life is going.
i've wished i didn't live with so many people (sorry roommates...i'm kind of grown out of that stage).

but through all of it, i've had a parker. who studies a lot. and hates calculus.

(mostly this post is a cop-out because i wanted to write, but didn't have anything to write.)


rachel teressa said...

i find this perfectly acceptable.

Whitney Leigh said...

at least it wasn't about the bachelor. ha.

bec said...

what kind of pickles? Dill? or sweet? I love pickles. and I love you more than a kazoo.