Tuesday, March 6, 2012


if i hear the words "just getting a" in front of "BA degree" one more time, i may pour out all of the expensive paint i bought this semester and use it to paint that person's car.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm taking a nap and eating some yogurt. maybe why i'm "just getting my" degree.


Brittany Erin Nelson said...

Ha. Amen. To me, it's like saying "I'm just taking 12 credits." 12 credits is full-time. And a BA is a 4-year college degree.

Holy cow.

Whitney Leigh said...

dude. seriously.

mwoodall said...

I cannot agree more! I didn't realize it when I moved out here but in D.C. a Bachelor's Degree is the equivalent of a High School Diploma. And man I was really proud of my B.S.! (And I still am, mostly now I'm just really intimidated by all these highly educated people!) But I really never want to get a master's degree so there.