Tuesday, August 16, 2011

here in the fres-yes.

my hair is wet right now. mostly because i don't want to put more heat on it than it already gets. i basically have feathers for hair it's so thin, and it just needs to grow.

turns out i'm in love. you know, the kind where you blast your favorite song on the radio with the windows down, even though it's raining and you're getting soaking wet? yeah. that kind.

who knew, right?

life is lovely. and i've got some new figure drawing books to keep me going for the next little while, not to mention some art classes to keep me busy the next four months while park is in the golden state.

shoot, i'll miss him.


Merilee! said...

Parker is in Cali?????

Jessica Rose said...

Why is he leaving?!?!

rachel teressa said...

Oh honey! I can't wait to see you again! And take our awesome classes together1 And sneak a peak at your new figure drawing books :)