Sunday, August 28, 2011

to me, being heartbroken always meant being sad because somebody had hurt somebody else. romantically speaking, that is. like that time one winter i thought i loved a boy, and he didn't want me. when he stared through the windshield and shook his head as we drove through abysmal january weather.

he. didn't. want. me.

yeah, pretty heartbreaking.

but now, i think there's a different meaning.
sure, that stuff's heartbreaking. been there, done that, and completely agree with the validity of its hurt. but there's more: there's the heartbreak that happens when you're just living and something as small as driving in the car listening to a mix cd was something you did together (and would still do, if there weren't a few states between you) and you wish on every dandelion seed that had ever been blown that they could be with you at that moment.

but they can't.

and that, dear readers, is heartbreak.

[but the good news? he never looked through a windshield and shook his head that he didn't want me. he can't even drive the car because he doesn't want to let me go.]


Jessica Rose said...

We need to hug it out right now. I want to show you how much I love you and help you understand that I know (at least a little bit) how much you are hurting right now. I want to help.

My heart is breaking for you right now, Kayleigh.

molly jane said...

This is beautiful. Every part of it. Even the heart breaking part, especially the heart breaking part. The good kind of beautiful, even though it hurts. I feel for you lady.