Sunday, May 15, 2011

things to do

things to do today:
allocate hours worked
do 4 months worth of finances (yikes)
pay utilities
go to the library
write branticus and andous letters
go to the bank
clean room
clean purse

things i actually did today:
allocated hours worked
did 4 months worth of finances (it was a yikes)
paid utilities
went to the library (to no avail)
wrote branticus (not andous)
cleaned room
cleaned purse
and tried a new, over-priced crepe place.

all in all, a very successful saturday.


Brittany Erin said...

You're a power house! And I didn't even know there were crepe places around here, that sounds so yummy.

Christina G said...

Kayleigh. I like your blog :)

Mikhaela said...

Did you go to Roll Up My Crepe? Was it good?