Friday, May 13, 2011

friday, lucky may 13th.

i just clicked onto my blog and for whatever reason, my post yesterday is gone.

i was seriously convinced for about two minutes that yesterday never happened.
welcome to the twilight zone.

in other news:
i built stairs the other day.
(that was on my updated post yesterday, but since may 12th apparently didn't happen on the internet, you get to hear it today. and see a picture.)

yeah. i did that.

i also love dandelions. not generally, but when they're in a field and the sun is perfect and pj and i have randomly pulled into a senior center parking lot because i've finished teaching him how to drive stick shift, then i love them.

i also love them when we're walking down 1st east and they're scattered in the grass.
because then i get to make a wish.
and then pj takes an oh-so-lovely picture of me making said wish.
(which i am now posting for the world to see. that's cool.)

my wish today: many more sunny skies and love love love.
(mostly because whit leigh is getting married. and i'm going to a reception tonight. and hota hota is getting married. the list is getting long.)


Brittany Erin said...

Kayleigh you're great. And I know what you mean about dandelions. It's not like I love them that much, but when I see the first ones of the summer, I get so excited. And I'm pretty sure Blogger deleted like everyone's posts. Lame. I had to re-do mine too.

mwoodall said...

Hey Kayleigh! Yesterday did in fact happen... because my post was gone too! But now it's back minus the comments it had. So... not sure what that was all about. Maybe yours is back too? Hope you're doing well!