Saturday, May 21, 2011

"And your ringtone is playing right now and i wish you were here"

today consisted of:

forgetting (after the twelve-hundredth time) that i burn if i'm in the sun for two seconds, resulting in bright red arms and cheeks.
eating broccoli with sadie. realizing that sadie and i are very similar in very weird ways. we can live off of broccoli and watermelon (only if the broccoli has seasoning salt on it).
eating three huge marshmallows. two roasted, one not.
celebrating new beginnings for many different people (and in many different ways).
sunshine (the first utah has seen in what seems like a year).
grass-stained feet.
lemon drops.
and the text i got while adam loaded his parents' fire pit into the back of his gold corolla. the sun was already gone, but we could still clearly see the lilac bush in the front yard. i jumped for joy inside while my whole soul smiled.

[and it's even infinitely better than last time.]

p.s. and my ringtone is here comes the sun by the beatles.

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Brittany Erin said...

As silly as it sounds, you capture feelings perfectly in words. This makes me smile so big.