Wednesday, March 9, 2011

daisies are the friendliest [and most magical] flower.

i took this picture this morning at the table.
i was eating malt-o-meal with brown sugar.
[there may have been dancing
around to a love story. with my ginger, bien sûr .]


Jessica Rose said...

Love story! I LOVE THOSE!!!

AND yes, I pretty much stalk your blog. Love you!

Whitney Leigh said...

love it!! i want daisies!! maybe landon will give me some when he proposes. bahhahahah


(said in italian accent)
i love me my trava pastrana

rachel teressa said...

I love that you think and do inspirational things over breakfast.

You're fantastic.

Brady and McCall said...

daisies are my absolute all time favorite! They are mine and Brady's flower! They will usually last about two weeks ya know, they got me through alot:)

mikhaela said...

this is an absolutely gorgeous photo. completely and utterly aesthetically appealing.