Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i can't say my favorite color's cerulean

random things i'm finding out about myself:

i love the smell of laundry. the laundry aisle is like heroine for me.
i paint my nails. a lot. right now they're orange.
it is my goal to finish an entire new york times crossword puzzle.
i can't get over how much i love drawing.
my 18" x 24" newsprint pad is like a shield for me. i feel invincible with it.

i love love. i'll tell you otherwise and pretend to be callous, but man alive, i certainly love love. all of its silly, giddy, pink and scarlet, taylor swiftness.

i love falling in love with small things in people. any people. not just people of the male persuasion.

i'm not as much an open book as i once was.
i like going to bed at eight and getting up at six. i would do it every night if i could.
i don't like parties.
i don't like eating frosting right out of the can (or tub; whatever that is) (but i like doing that with ice cream).
i don't like my feet.
i don't like hollywood.
i watched jurassic park for the first time when i was four. i laughed at the part where the t-rex eats the person in the bathroom. i laughed because i was so scared.

i seem to literally (and figuratively) fall/hurt myself whenever i start liking a guy that shows any reciprocation.
i am only competitive in two things: art and catching the bouquet at wedding receptions.
i love tulips.
and i love hydrangeas.
i love fireflies. (i think they're magical.)
i love my hometown.

i love how my middle name is the french form of the name "mary."
i want to backpack through europe one day.
i only want to drive a stick-shift for the rest of my life.

i sometimes wish on stars. mostly i just end up praying.

p.s. can we just talk about how cute these two are? and so good for each other. you should have seen her taking care of him after she smashed cake in his face.


molly jane said...

I love this list of things.
I love finding things like this out about myself.
And about other people.

Whitney Leigh said...

this post is magical.
i'm calling you today.
you better answer.