Monday, May 24, 2010

beehive state

you know, utah, when these people down here in p-town who are only here for school start talking trash on you, i defend you. i've lived in utah all my life, and i've been pretty okay with what you've had to offer (four seasons, for one thing).

when you snow in april, i just laugh at how naive so many people on campus were. welcome to utah, i would say.

then today, you did this.

and i was less than pleased.

today, i'm not going to defend you.
i'm gonna be hatin' with all the other haters.

my feet. completely slushed over.

and the snowball bushes. with real snow on them.

although i will admit, the contrast between the bright green and the stark white is [dare i say it]



Ana said...

wow! you guys got it bad. it only rained here

Brady and McCall said...

Oh Pooey I agree

Whitney Leigh said...

I want snow soooooooooooo bad.