Tuesday, May 25, 2010

for emily

one of the loveliest people i know and probably the person who got me saying lovely all the time now taught me a very important lesson amongst many.

"you deserve to be adored."

now, she is competing in the finals of the mormon times blogger brawl. and if she wins this round which she deserves completely she gets to write for them and get paid! so please, pretty please...if you read this blog at all, go to this link and vote for her. here's some important information.

1. you can vote on different browsers
(i.e. mozilla firefox, internet explorer, safari)

2. you can vote only once a day
not just once ever, but once a day

3. it goes through the 27th.
so vote. vote multiple times.
multiple browsers
multiple days.
read her column, and love her as much as i do.

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