Sunday, May 23, 2010


i was reading in my journals from years ago over the weekend. i found this gem.

[june 22nd, 2005]
"well, if i could tell the missionary stuff, i'd tell him, 'missionary, i like you more than any guy i've liked for a long time.'"
let's remember that he wasn't a missionary back then. but to protect his identity (and my pride) that is, in all reality, his name. and let's also remember i was fifteen. my writing skills? non-existent.

and then this one.

[june 28th, 2006]
"i need to have a real heart to heart with the missionary. i know things need to be brought up in the open and said on my part or i am going to go CRAZY!"


[january 25th, 2009]
"i called him to see if he wanted to talk, but it ended up snowing like crazy and he had family come in, so i couldn't."

and now.
it was sad to read all of that, knowing that i'd have to wait a year, two, even five years until i got my moment. until i got the moment to say exactly what i wanted to say to the misionary.

but that moment would indeed come. did come.
and now i'm waiting to know his end of the conversation.

tick tock. tick tock.

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Whitney Leigh said...

I hate that I can't remember what was said between you two.