Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the play count is at 117.

that song i posted earlier.
it is my emotion in tangible form. all of it.
the lyrics, the melody, the simplicity
of the guitar and josh ritter's voice.
it speaks of vulnerability. i told you my obsession with that, right?

this song brings many memories to mind.
every one of those words has a purpose for me. a distinct role that can't be replaced by any other word.

it's perfect.

and i've listened to it 68 times since i purchased it 48 hours ago.
it's like that time that i listened to this song 47 times in 4 days because of the missionary.
or like the time i listened to this song 82 times in 7 days because of wyoming boy.
or like that time i listened to this song 59 times in 3 days because of muslim. i'm listening to it now.

1 comment:

Whitney Leigh said...

I love that you know the count. And that you find this safety in music.