Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here it all is right now. Straight up.

I'm watching the Suns/Jazz game. My entire body hurts because of going to Jump On It yesterday for our ward party. My fingers are still sore from trying to learn how to play the guitar, but I'm still learning. like life, perhaps? pushing through the pain to still learn? I took a 4 hour nap today, but that was only because I slept a total of 47 minutes last night while in my kitchen watching Arrested Development. I got in late last night from our ward activity, took a shower because I was covered in the assaulting smell from that place (a mixture of too much humanity crammed into a room where everybody is sweating), and then figured it was pointless to go to bed because I was getting up 3 hours from then. Bad idea.

I'm also studying for French with the exception of my break for writing this. I love French, and I'm sad that the class will be over. I'm also sad about a lot of things coming with the end of the semester (I hate change, which is pretty well-established) but I'm also happy with life; all of its simple complexities and complex simplicities and everything in between.

I also just helped Becca fix her lacerated finger. There was a bit of an incident as she sliced up apples. Pretty deep slice. I felt the mothering instinct come up in me as I rushed upstairs while she dripped blood on the brown tiles of the bathroom. Some gauze and a cotton round later, and she's as good as new (minus the fact that I put the gauze too tight the first time...she asked "How tight is too tight?" Allison and me: "If your finger is turning purple." Becca, looking at her finger and then showing us: "Uh, is this purple?" brief silence. "Yeah. It's too tight.").

I just ate a bowl of Moose Tracks Ice Cream. For no particular reason, really. I just like ice cream. I'm wearing my Jackson Hole sweats and my London hoodie. I'm a seasoned traveller.

I want to be in D.C. right now with Sadie. But I'm okay with just being in Provo, Utah for now. I'm excited for that trip, and I'm excited (and nervous) for the summer. I'm hoping to have some adventures, and I know I have some self-discoveries to make. I'll probably write some poetry. Maybe Thoreau it.

The score is 86-69, Phoenix.
Go Suns.


Jeff and Sarah said...

I'm impressed with your nursing skills Kayleigh, other than the purple finger thing. Having an accident prone Dad is useful sometimes I guess:)

SadieJean said...

WHOOT!!! Yeah for DC!! I'm excited too, and nervous. Its all good.

Whitney Leigh said...

"Yeah, it's too tight."

You have much stronger motherly instincts that I do. I about throw up at the sight of substantial bleeding.