Tuesday, April 20, 2010


tender mercies of today:

peanut butter m&ms only $2.79 at smith's
i'm in love, and i needed them to study
whitney calling me, pleading for help with her art final
she helped me more than i helped her
i really needed whit leigh today

90% on my music final
remembering that i love art
emily, and her simple text:
"so i felt the baby kicking last night.
and once today."

being able to sleep for a few hours
i've been so exhausted
billy for courtney
warm weather
and the knowledge that someday,
things will be better than they were today.


Whitney Leigh said...

I really needed kayleigh too. p.s. the drawing looks great!! you saved my behind!

Whitney Leigh said...

I totally forgot I took an art class. And I'm not one bit surprised I needed you to come save me.