Tuesday, February 23, 2010

photo montage

i now present to you a chronological photo montage maybe not a montage exactly, but use your imagination describing my night in salt lake with

and elton.

whitney and i really like trains.

we also really like big macs don't judge and the ones we ate were

so that guy behind whitney's head is indeed wearing a skirt.

he was mean.

but we were still excited anyways!

and we looked pretty

it really was surreal. i had been waiting for months and MONTHS to see billy and elton.

and then here it was.

i'm basically freaking out inside my head in this picture.

see the red arrow? please enjoy the faces that these people are making.

yes, that's the guy wearing the skirt. he was a lovely man.

and then they came out.
and this picture is legitimate emotion.
not posed.
even skirt man behind us is smiling
billy and elton have that effect on people


i love these men.
and they were right there!
granted, i would have had to jump
down from nosebleed seats,
but still.
right. there.

then all of a sudden the lighting started.
and it was magical.

this shows you sort of what elton was wearing.
very characteristic of elton.
and i saw it in person!
in case you were still wondering
if i was there...

hey, who's that behind me?
oh wait...it's elton john.

there was this lady next to us...
she was as enthusiastic as we were.
dancing around, singing.
i liked her.

and she took this picture for us.

please ignore the fact this
is an ugly picture.

i just like the fact that billy joel
is behind me.
and that there's a couple making
out in front of me.

just an added bonus.

and then there was billy.
my not-so-secret celebrity crush.

they both played again
at the end.
elton sat on the piano.
billy just rocked out
like billy does
and they played pianoman.

the most beautiful version of the song
i've ever heard.

the concert ended.
we were happy (courtney isn't pictured)
and that lady behind us was confused.

all in all:


Whitney Leigh said...

I'm so happy you used the arrow picture.
also notice how he isn't very kosher with his skirt as his legs are completely spread apart. nor was he wearing panty hose. what a crappy cross dresser. it wasn't even a cute skirt.

Kayleigh said...

I don't know that he was a cross dresser...I mean, he was with that woman, and aside from the random skirt he was wearing, he looked *relatively* normal. Sick man.

Whitney Leigh said...

remember how mariah tagged me in that last photo as the crazy lady behind uh? hahah i miss her.

the crazy lady, not mariah.