Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rock and roll all night

We were doing this demo on a computer program in physics today that had to do with molecules, and one set of molecules was red, and my professor was trying to get the blue molecules up, but it wasn't working. He kept trying and trying, and there was various chit-chat around the room. Finally, someone pipes up and says, "Do blue. Red sucks." Needless to say, in a room full of BYU students two days before the "holiest day of the year" (aside from General Conference, of course...*insert sarcasm here*), everybody laughed. Granted, it was pretty funny, considering the circumstances...but (and we'll keep this a secret) I've never really rooted for BYU. I mean, it's a great school, and I'm enjoying myself, but I've never felt like I really cared about all that "Go Blue or Go Home" nonsense. I'd probably be shunned in my singles ward for saying such *blasphemy*, but so be it.

Another quote from my physics class was regarding that same demo. My professor couldn't get it to work for the life of him, and someone piped up, "You broke physics!" Haha, that one got me to laugh harder than the other one.

Haha, and then this random (but very attractive!) guy came into the backdoor of our apartment today and asked me, "Can I steal your vacuum?" So, I roll it over to him, and say, "Its curfew is eleven. Be sure to have it back by then." He laughed and said, "Alright." When he brought it back, I said, "Did you two have a good time?" and he said, "Oh ya, we danced the night away." Made me laugh. Cute and relatively funny...hmm...come back, mysterious stranger!

I made pizza today for my dinner group. The third time in the past week I've had homemade pizza. That's kind of ridiculous, now that I think about it. Anyways, I made it, and for some reason, the dough was incredibly sticky. Like, beyond sticky. I had it caked all over my hands. It was awful. But it turned out okay, and I had Kristen take some over to cute boy Bradley from my physics class (who is also in my dinner group). I hope it was edible for him. That would be embarrassing, especially since I talked it up so much in physics to him today when I found out he wasn't going to be there. Oops.

On a closing note, I wanted to share this picture that my mom posted on her blog yesterday. It made me laugh and brought back some good memories.

Yes indeed, that is my family dressed up as the band KISS for Halloween a few years ago (well, minus my sister...probably good she wanted to be a witch, because there is no fifth member of KISS). The ironic thing about this picture is the painting of Jesus hanging on the wall in the background. Haha.



Kristina P. said...

That pizza sounds delicious! And the picture is hilarious.

E.m.K. said...

One: consider yourself shunned.

Two: Look through the ward directory and find out who the mysterious stranger is! Next time, charge him for using our stuff by requiring his name. Bahaha.

Three: Twilight is now playing in a theater near you.

The Boob Nazi said...

I root for Utah just to make my brother mad.... oh well.

Whitney Leigh said...


Whitney Leigh said...

^^ sit down, Whit.

Also- I wonder if the random hot dude only needed to borrow your vacuum so his apartment wouldn't look like a homeless shelter when a hot GIRL came over.

We were so blinded by our pitiful desire for boys back then. I find myself shaking my head through all of this.