Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When average becomes better than average

I just ate an entire chocolate orange (minus the three pieces I gave out to my roommates). That is about 782 calories that I ate in less than an hour. I think I disgust myself.

On a positive note, I finished my physics homework and don't have another assignment in that class until December!!! YES! The ecstasy I'm feeling because of that is overwhelming (or maybe it's just the side effects of practically eating my body weight in chocolate was so good).

I had this very thought-provoking lesson today in my writing class. I have to admit, that class is probably one of my favorites. From day one, I've always enjoyed my professor and thought that she was really hilarious. Her syllabus was more like a short story than an actual syllabus. She's a very brilliant woman (and I'm not saying that to like, brown-nose or anything...she's really super intelligent) and I've honestly learned a lot from her class. Today, she gave us this lecture during our journal discussions about how we should get at least one C in our lives. She said that this advice was given to her a couple semesters before she graduated, because she'd worked hard to get amazing grades all her life. So, since she's an over-achiever, she decided to get not one, but two C's. She said she learned more in those two classes than she would have ever learned had she been trying to get an A.

"Face it," she said, "there is a huge difference in studying for an A in a class and studying to actually learn something about a subject."

Which is so true. I thought about it, and a C just takes off the pressure to do the absolute *best* in a class, and you can just focus on the material. Getting things wrong, whether it's on an assignment or a test, just kind of helps you learn what to do right the next time. If I didn't have the pressure to get good grades to keep my scholarship, I might be more likely to really study my physics and enjoy learning it more, than thinking of it as something that is killing my soul. And ultimately, we're here to learn, right? We're not going to be judged by how many "A's" we get in life, but by what we learn and what we take out of our life experience.

I don't know. It's something I'll have to think about. I definitely thought it was an interesting point.


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on finishing your assignment. And the orange.

Kayleigh said...

Haha...they were both equally satisfying. And they'll both contribute equally to making me gain weight. The only reason I sit on my butt all day is to blog...and do physics.

E.m.K. said...

Seriously, everything's gonna be alright. (Rockabye...) :) And yes, you can also comment on my blog now. I fixed it all up.

The Boob Nazi said...

Meeh I've already gotten a C. Here's how you do it:
Don't go to class.
Be intimidated by everyone in the class.
Do the assignments really badly.

Do the one assignment you have to turn in completely wrong and get a D on it. Then you'll get a C.

Whitney Leigh said...

i think i beat you all, for i am FAILING my math class and contrary to what you say, that brings even more stress to my life.

Kiersten said...

Okay, so just looked up emetophobia and it made me laugh. If I were emetophobic, Dojo would have killed me. That kid when through such a puking

Anyway--don't get a C just to get a C. A scholarship is worth more, trust me ; )

And dangit--why did you have to talk about chocolate oranges? Speaking of vomit--my husband hates those because he once threw up after eating one, so whenever Christmas comes I have to hide while I eat mine and make sure the taste isn't still in my mouth if I kiss him!

Kayleigh said...

Ya. I wasn't shooting to get a C just to get a C. I figure that however much money I get for NOT having to pay tuition is more worth it. It was just an interesting concept to think about.

That's too bad about your husband...I'd be forever sad if I couldn't eat chocolate oranges anymore. :)

skinhead said...

Each learns in a slightly different way. Some it is the "C" way and others it is the pressure to perform. You would be surprised how much you can learn from both. I take after your dad and I know he has learned from both aspects.

Keep up the good work.

Whitney Leigh said...

I got many a C's. Feeling good over here. Also- have you EVER gotten anything below a B in your LIFE? Doubt it.