Monday, November 24, 2008

Prioritize, conceptualize, hypnotize, [insert word ending with '-ize' here]

"Imagine" is such a great song.

It just came on my Pandora station (again can I reiterate...Pandora rocks my world) and I forget how peaceful it makes me. I'm in a very contemplative mood right now. I just read about someone's blog who got murdered, basically, and she talked a little about priorities in life. It kind of got me thinking...

...what are my priorities?

I kind of had this moment about a week ago, when I had my breakdown about school, my scholarship, money, where I'm going in life, etc. That weekend, and after talking with my mom and after advice from various other people, I kind of realized where my priorities were in life. It was rather cathartic. I realized what is really important, what doesn't necessarily need to be stressed over, and how I'll be a happier person if I can figure out my priorities.

Really, it is rather therapeutic. If you are ever overwhelmingly stressed, take a moment in your day, write down what is most important to you aside from what you're stressing over, write down who is most important to you, and after thinking about it for a little while, you'll start to realize that ya, stressing can push you to do better, but you also need to remember that sometimes sacrificing your sanity to stress just isn't worth it.


Kristina P. said...

This is a great idea. And I love Imagine too!

The Boob Nazi said...

Stress=bad bad bad. I never stress. I only stress out if I have a 10-page research paper due in three hours, and I still haven't started it. hahaha
Grad school actually stresses me out a little, which I find surprising. But good advice.
Things that are most important to me right now:
Grad school.

No wonder I don't date.... My future family isn't on there haha.

Jeff and Sarah said...

Did you and Whit find a new word in the dictionary. "cathartic" Or are you really getting educated down there? Sometimes you can be really deep! Good advice. Amazing HA HA, love you

E.m.K. said...

Did you read Kayleigh's post "L is for the way you Look at Nate"? Then READ THIS!:

Lots of love, Emily

Whitney R said...

Oooo, I love Pandora, too!

And the song highlighted is "Remember When it Rained" by Josh Groban. LOVE THAT SONG. I believe I had it on my wedding cd.

Whitney Leigh said...

Excited to navigate to the post Emily just linked up there. ^^

also- this is pretty great advice. Funny to look back now and think how small that all seems now. LIFE DOES GO ON.

Whitney Leigh said...