Thursday, November 27, 2008

Merci beaucoup

I haven't blogged since Tuesday, so's been only a day since I've looked at anybody's blog or updated mine, and it feels like I've been neglecting it for weeks. That's kind of sad. I love blogging.

So...update on my physics test. I went in to the testing center (which, as my friend Whitney would say, "has a negative aura"), put my test down on the desk, and went through it. As I was reading the quesitons, I realized, "Crap. I didn't study ANY of this." I honestly thought I was going to end up with the worst grade that I've had on a test in that class. So, I took my time, did what I could, and went through the test two or three times to try and get as many points as I could. In all honesty, the last two questions on the test were impossible, and I just submitted myself to the fact that I didn't know how to do them.

I walked out of the testing center and down the stairs, completely upset about the fact that I probably failed, and I still had homework to do before I could enjoy the vacation. Blah. I came out and looked at the screen where it shows the score you got on the test next to your ID number, and next to mine, it said *drum roll please* 81%!!!!

That is higher than I've gotten on any of my physics exams this entire semester! There was a couple in the room there with me, and I almost just grabbed them by the shoulders and screamed, "I DIDN'T FAIL!" It was exhilarating. If I hadn't been on cloud nine because of that test, I probably would have busted a cap on the girl that left a note on my car saying she ran into my door (and believe you was pretty bad...not just a scratch). Apparently, the girl's in my ward too. Haha. Oh, what a small world we live in. I really don't have any hard feelings towards her. Granted, I am a little frustrated, because it's just added effort that I don't want to put into the situation, but whatever. She left me a note with her name and number, and so as long as I don't have to pay for anything, I'm satisfied.

Well, I hope you all are having a great and relaxing Thanksgiving. Mine has been fantastic so far. Drove to Southern California yesterday (where it is so much warmer than Provo) and woke up this morning to my friend Stephen kicking me to come and do yoga with him. Ya. Go figure. He does yoga. It was intense yoga, and I really enjoyed it, actually. I still have yet to eat dinner, but am greatly looking forward to it when it comes.


Kristina P. said...

This brought me back to one of my very last math finals before I graduated. I thought I had done horribly, and I saw the screen, and it was 91%.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whitney R said...

I know exactly how you feel :) You earned that 81%!
Your so good to go over and over the test. I have a problem with going through it once and then just wanting to be done.... so I'm done. I bet I could correct some of my answers if I went over it again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Boob Nazi said...

A girl in my ward once came to my apartment door and said, "Hey, I hit your car with my car door. I could pay for it, but I really don't want to." I almost smacked her across the face and made her pay for the HUGE dent because she pissed me off so bad.
And congrats on the test!
And happy thanksgiving!

Whitney Leigh said...

I am going to marry that boy who took you to yoga. don't let him forget.

Whitney Leigh said...

^^ Keep it in your pants, Whit. You're embarrassing yourself.

Als0, that seemed to be the story of your life that you'd get an awesome grade and then you'd go outside to see someone wrecked your car. but at least they left their info. and AT LEAST you didn't look fat in your Harvest pictures.