Thursday, October 23, 2008

Burning Cookies = Gambling = BYU DISapproval

As terrible as my day has been today (it's just been one of those weeks, really, and school has decided to beat down on me with a vengeance) and as much as I hate physics, my physics class today was actually rather enjoyable.

First of all, a few weeks ago in the physics lab, I met and worked with this extremely cute guy named Cameron. I kind of kicked myself for not asking for his number, but I've never been like that. I've never been really forward about stuff like that, so whatever. C'est la vie. Anyways, I saw this kid sitting kind of in the front and middle of the class, and I was looking at him and trying to figure out where I knew him from. He looked at me, and we had a few eye contact moments, and I realized....gasp! It's that way cute guy from the physics lab! I noticed he kept looking back (whether it was at me or someone else, I won't know....but it makes me feel good to think that it was me, allow me this indulgence). He did end up walking out of class and looking pretty buddy-buddy with this other girl, which was sad...but he was tall! :) A girl can wish.

Secondly, cute boy Bradley from my ward (and if in the small chance he's reading this....meh. He can know I think he's cute...ta da, Bradley! Kayleigh thinks you're cute) is in my physics class (and he's brilliant at it, by the way) and I was talking with this girl next to me when all of a sudden I hear my name. I look around and there's Bradley in the row behind me and he says, "Hey, it's your job to wake me up if I fall asleep, because last class I missed like, all the clicker quizzes." So I started joking with him and I said, "Alright, I will just chuck some stuff at know, crumpled pieces of paper that say 'Hi Bradley! *heart*'" Haha, he laughed and said, "You know, really, that's what I was going for."

Thirdly, I sat in front of the two most hilarious (well, hilarious in my eyes) guys. You know the saying, "Now, we don't need any comments from the peanut gallery." Well, they were the epitome of 'the peanut gallery,' only they were funny...not obnoxious. I wrote down some of the conversations they had just for the purpose of posting them on my blog (I think about my blog more than I should, I won't lie).

They were eating chips and snacks and stuff (why? I don't know) and all of a sudden one of them (we'll just call him Guy...original, huh?) just says, "Fritos and gum...bad mixture."

We were trying to get a general consensus on something, and Guy says "Huzzah!" instead of the mumbles of "yes" and "no" from the rest of us. He turned to the guy next to him and said:

Guy: Huzzah, that's what pirates say.
Other Dude: Really?
Guy: Ya, in Pirates of the Caribbean, that's what they say on the ship.
Other Dude: Huh. Never noticed.

Then, the professor was doing a demo about kinetic energy or something, and was racing a hoop and a solid disk down an inclined plane. We all had to raise our hands and guess which one would reach the bottom first and when they started racing, Guy says really quietly at first, "Come on hoop....[and then much louder]....dang it! Hoop let me down!"

Then during one of the clicker quizzes, Guy takes his bag of Chips Ahoy cookies, sticks them between me and my new physics friend, Lacey, and says, "Cookies, ladies?" She turned it down, and I did too, and he says, "Alright, but if you change your mind, you know where to find me." So, after a little mental debating, I finally turned around and said, "Changed my mind, I want one." Haha, so we ended up getting cookies. Sometimes being a girl has such perks.

Haha, they were a lot more hilarious in class (a classic you-had-to-have-been-there moment), but even still...I get joy out of them.

And to end...cute boy Bradley is in my dinner group, so we got to talk a little bit and just have some good food (which was the super secret spaghetti sauce recipe I made...courtesy of my padre). So despite the crappiness of today - that much was good. :)

Lastly, my roommate, Emily, has a boyfriend. He came over tonight, and on their way out, they were kind of lingering and being all cute cute cute in the living room, where I was sitting. All I kept thinking about was the song from The Lion King, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." So, seeings how I was at my computer, I started playing it. They weren't paying attention, so I said really loud, "Oh, I just love this song!" Emily turned to me, "What is it?" I get this look in my eye and say, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." She and her boyfriend just laugh and by this time I shush them and say, "This is the best part...wait for it...." then I start mouthing the words really obnoxiously. Haha, it was really funny. At the very least, I make myself laugh.

(Oh, and did any of you see The Office! Michael and Holly! Whoa! And I felt way bad for odd as he is, everybody deserves love)


Whitney R said...

Oh, I was boy crazy once upon a time.

And cookies sound really good right now.

And now I have Can You Feel the Love Tonight in my head. But I can't remember all of the lyrics.

Oh, the word, "lyric" just popped Estelle's American Boy in my head.

Oh, it's time for bed :)

Kristina P. said...

Whenever something funny in my life happens, I always am so happy I will have to blog about.

Yay for cute boys!

The Nazi of Boobs said...

I just found your blog from Kristina's and realized you're MY Kayleigh! haha Yes, I just owned you.
I thought you found me through facebook because we both know Emily Hawkes and Nique umm forget her last name.
Anyway, now I can stalk you too. Hooray.
Seriously. I think about my blog ALL THE TIME. And I don't mean some of the time. I mean when I'm in class, I'm thinking of things to blog about instead of the lecture, while I'm walking around campus, I try to see people I can blog about, and whenever something crappy happens to me I say, Man, that'll make a great story!
Nothing wrong with that!
Wow, somehow this comment got forever long.

Whitney Leigh said...

hahah I was laughing my face off about those boys, i can just picture it.

I can totally picture you mouthing the words to that song. wow. I know you too well.

And Michael and Holly!!! OH MY GOSH!!! They are perfect for each other. and I wanted to cry for Dwight. poor guy. even worse for Phyllis. But I was really happy with the end.

Kiersten said...

Gosh, now I can't wait until Hot Stuff gets home tonight so we can actually watch it.

And lol, brought back some memories with your rundown of cute guys in your life.

And can I say how much I love you adding a soundtrack to your rooommate's date? Awesome.

Kayleigh said...

Your comment made me laugh, Whitney R. As much as I like being boy crazy, it'll be nice to say, "Oh I was boy crazy...once upon a time." It'll just take out some unnecessary drama (even though it'll bring new drama in, but whatever).

And Kristina, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about blogging about things in life. Haha, and if it weren't for those cute boys yesterday, I probably would have gone certifably insane.

And Nazi of Boobs (formerly known as Julie Anne...haha), that's crazy you know Nique and Emily, too! Ya, I found you through Kristina's blog a while back. And I do the same thing when I'm walking through campus...although at BYU, there aren't as many interesting people to blog about.

And Whit, I figured that you would probably appreciate those boys and what they said. Haha, we find very similar things funny.

Kiersten - I'm so glad that you found the roommate thing funny. I was laughing SO hard. I figured she'd either be upset with me, and I'd find it funny...or she'd think it was funny and I'd find it funny too. It was a good decision, I have to say.

clear_may said...

In case you were in doubt at all: YES the song was hilarious, and YES I actually really enjoyed that moment. Hehe. Thanks, roomie!

Whitney Leigh said...

you. were so. boy crazy.

I was too. it's a little embarrassing looking back on it now...