Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Best Pudding Ever

I had a fantastic end to a horrific week.

I went on a blind date with my BFF's (haha...I don't usually say that, but now when I'm with Whit and she's introducing me, apparently I'm her BFF) cousin. I was pretty excited for it, because I needed a break from life (i.e. boys that are idiots, school, physics, etc.).

On the way to Whit's apartment after I had finished everything I needed to on Friday, I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown in my car. Everything that had been weighing down on me this week just came crashing down when I realized the door in my beautiful Stella was more damaged than I originally thought. Driving through the traffic in Provo, I heard this rushing of wind as though my window was open a bit, and I rezlied that the door frame had been bent pretty badly. So, I called my mom to complain and tell her how frustrated I was, and after that phone call, I just kind of broke down. I've been so stressed out about what I'm doing with my life, about school, what I'm going to do about the idiot boy in my life that apparently just doesn't care anymore (a conclusion that may or may not be true, but I'm tired of guessing), and then that was the figurative straw that broke the hypothetical camel's back. I was crying my face off in my little car, and I'm sure I looked like a psycho to the people driving by me, but I just didn't care (I do that a car is kind of my sanctuary).

I realized as I got closer to Whit's apartment that I needed to compose myself. Did I really want all of Whit's roommates to see my red, splotchy face and know that I was crying? I didn't want to come across as a pity seeker, so I tried to come back to reality.

I walked into Whit's apartment, and being the observant girl that she is, Mandy (Whit's roommate) asked me if I was okay, and I lied and said I was fine, not wanting to get into details. They found out later that I was upset, but I just didn't want to draw attention to myself. It's kind of embarrassing. So, I got ready for my date at Whit's house, talked with her roommates a bit and had the best pudding of my life that Luke (their friend) made. Then her cousin, Brody came in with his friend, David.

I wasn't way nervous for the date, but I always feel a little awkward at the beginning of dates because I never know what to say or anything. It's how it is with people I've never really been on a date with before. Once we got going though, it was just so much fun. He was so funny! I remember thinking on my date, "He is making me laugh so hard!" It's been a while since I've had that kind of a positive experience from a guy (aside from my surrogate brothers) and it was really needed. We went to Panda Express, and I taught him how to use chopsticks. :) We just had a blast talking and laughing. He and his friend David were like Whit and I, but in guy form. We just had so much fun, and I didn't really feel like I had to do anything to impress him because he was just cool like that. I could be myself and not feel like an idiot. I want to hang out with him again or go on another date. We just had so much fun.

The last piece of good news...(there were a lot of good things, but I won't bore you with the details).... daddy fixed my Stella! (with the help of my mom, of course) The door shuts just fine now, and there's no opening. I was ecstatic. I love that car. :)


Kristina P. said...

SOunds like a great date! Blind dates were always really awkward for me.

Glad Stella is fixed!

Whitney Leigh said...

Applegator and the best pizza EVER.

That could be a children's book....

Brody JUST got married two months ago. David is still single and posts less-passive-more-aggressive memes about girls on his facebook all the time.