Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scary stuff, that physics

You know, people don't generally like physics, right? Minus the select percent of the population that actually finds it fascinating, of course.

So, you'd think that maybe to promote their field of study, science buildings (we'll specifically say physics buildings, because it was for my physics class) would be a little more inviting. Granted, there was some cool stuff in the foyer...stuff that I haven't seen since an elementary school science exhibit which was awesome....but walking to the remote part of the building where I had to turn in my physics homework was, dare I say it...


It was like The Shining, with the long hallway and the creepy doors and the bad lighting.

Not making me like physics any more than I already do (which isn't a whole darn lot).

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Whitney Leigh said...

The Shining.... I didn't actually see that movie until after I met Landon. But I remember that scene from it in Twister at the drive-in right when that massive tornado blows through. That part always scared me anyway and I think that's why I held off on the Shining for as long as I did.