Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dedicated to Garrett, our awesome waiter

Guess who just got back from karaoke....?

Not JJ! (although it is a happy birthday to him today)

Me! Haha. As though I would have a post about somebody other than me karaoke-ing...ya, that makes sense. Although I do post some random things sometimes...whatever.
I had my first public karaoke experience today at the Applebees Karaoke Night. After working tirelessly on my Physics (actually, it wasn't that bad...I had a lot more patience with it today and better problem-solving skills...watch me eat my words when I find out I did horrible on that assignment) I decided that I wanted to go karaoke it up with Whit. We missed out on the chance last week because it was PACKED and we got there too late. So, passing this week was out of the question.

Not nearly as scary as most people might think. I mean, most of the people that saw us were pretty drunk, so the chances that they'll remember our performance of the Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl" is probably pretty slim. Very much a plus on the non-embarrassment side. It was way fun...haha, definitely something that everybody should experience at least once in their life. Just to say that you've done it. Ya, we've all karaoke-d at a party or two (mine and Whit's version of "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show is gold), but it's not officially legit unless you're in some kind of restaurant (or bar, let's just come out and say it....although, I would never actually go in a karaoke bar...Applebees had a bar there, but it really is a family restaurant...this woman and her entire family was there with her baby, so it seemed safe).

Super fun stuff.


Whitney said...

I have Karaoke-d in a bar before, not counting Applebees. It was there I saw the drunk chick slapping guy's butts singing "Go Boston, Go Boston!"

Kayleigh said...

Yay for Whitney commenting on my blog! Go you.

Whitney Leigh said...

ahhhhahahaha I forgot about Boston.

I guarantee you'd karaoke in a bar now, right? RIGHT???

We should do that.