Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello BYU Honor Code

The Honor Code at BYU has brought about more entertainment than I thought it would.

For instance, when your professors show signs that they're actually human and do things to break the Honor Code (even though it technically wasn't breaking the honor code, but he thought it constituted)'s pretty hilarious.

In the case of my Psychology professor, he wasn't really breaking the Honor Code, but he was hesitant to share what he told us. We were talking about a theory that states babies have a lack of object permanence, meaning if an object is hiden from sight, it obviously doesn't exist anymore. So, someone asked if that's why babies enjoy peek-a-boo. My professor stopped for a second, started chuckling to himself and said, "I really shouldn't even say this.........probably get the Honor Code office after me......have you ever seen that Family Guy episode..." and then he started going off about this episode of Family Guy. Haha, really didn't go against the Code, but I laughed because of how hesitant he was to say it, and how un-professor-like it seemed as well.

Oh BYU, you've made me laugh in ways I didn't think possible.

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Whitney Leigh said...

I bet the recent Family Guy seasons are against the Honor Code now. They are WILDLY inappropriate. and that's coming from me.

I still watch though.

but then, I never signed any Honor Code.