Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy thoughts for today!

Who couldn't use a little pick-me-up every now and then!

I talk all the time about the small things in the world that bring us happiness, and I'm going to list a few from my "14,000 things to be happy about" book (which, can I just say, is the best $10 I've ever spent...even if it was at the BYU Bookstore, which should not in fact be affiliated with BYU because it is the bookstore from hell).

cherries in your soda pop
Gummi Bears candy
a big brother reading to a little brother
being crazy about someone
no line for the restroom
Sunday naps
Jack Frost and his magic paint pot (interpret that however you would like)
keeping your hopes up
a wrist corsage
the teacher you remember
the useless pockets on pajama tops
incomprehensible good luck
corny things
a pleasant song in your head
the grass
new white tennis shoes
writing a poem
new babies

and one that flat out just made me laugh

Pilates: making you taller and more supple



Roger said...

I'm curious why such a harsh comment about the BYU Bookstore would be made in the same complimentary paragraph. As director (where the "buck stops here") I'm very interested in knowing your feelings. Please call me at 422-2552 and share with me why you feel the way you do. I would sincerely like to know what we can do to address your feelings. Thank you! Roger

Whitney Leigh said...

Did you ever call him? I'm calling that number right now.

Whitney Leigh said...

the number is out of service. Maybe Roger couldn't take the heat.

Whitney Leigh said...

Roger couldn't take the heat. dying.