Monday, September 15, 2008

Frankie says relax...mwahahaha

Walking through the campus at BYU is a bit of a joke when you're sick of people in love. Because, apparently, everybody and their dog is in love in Happy-land Provo. I was walking to the library for my writing class, and I passed so many people holding hands and being all cute with each other, and I was thinking, "Blah. Just go away so those of us afraid of love and/or not in love can have some peace of mind." Haha, right after thinking that thought, I walked past a couple that one of my best friends is really good friends with (the friends of a friend, I guess). It made me laugh.

While walking back to my apartment, I was just not focusing on the love, and absentmindedly looking down. I found myself walking over a line in the sidewalk...just a break in the sidewalk where they poured the cement. I had my right foot over one side of the line and my left foot over the other side. I realized that kind of doing a balancing act over that line is kind of how I feel in life right now. I'm just doing this balancing act between school, between who I am and who I want to become, between guy problems, between trying to figure out life. I'm juggling lots of different things in life, and just walking over this line made me realize how...lost I kind of feel. But I'm not saying this to get pity or anything...I don't pity myself. I just thought it was kind of cool how absentmindedly I was doing something that symbolically fit in so well with my life. (I feel a little like the guy in this's scary!!)

On a bit of a different my Humanities class today, we read a Billy Collins poem! It reminded me of my favorite class in high school...creative writing. Miss Merrell loved Billy Collins, and I absolutely miss her and that class. It was nice to have that little reminder of the fun I had in that class.


Whitney Leigh said...

Miss Merrell this, and Miss Merrell that.

I'm waiting for love poems about Miss Merrell.

Whitney Leigh said...

^^ that made me laugh. yes, i'm going through your blog again. I do this from time to time. LAY OFF ME.