Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Heart Happiness

I can solidly say I've reached a minimal self-actualized point in life...

I am content.

I've mentioned before that I realize I have a problem being happy with my I'm always looking forward to one specific event making me happy, and I'm not happy until that event comes. Well, last night, while laying in my bed (this is where all my good thinkin' comes to me), I realized I'm pretty content with life. I've found that in my mind, I can't be truly happy until all the problems and/or stresses in my life are gone. But, I realized yesterday that that will never be the case. You have to be content with where you are in life or you'll never be happy. Although I'm wondering where things are going with my boy situation, and I'm mildly stressed with school, and money could potentially be a problem here in the near future...I'm content with my life. I decided that I'm just going to try and do the best I can in every situation. I have my morals and my ethics, I have my testimony in the Gospel, and as long as I'm living the best that I can, then everything will work itself out...maybe not in the time I expect, but in time.

I come to a lot of conclusions about life, but this is one that I think might actually stick with me and prove to have a lasting effect on the way I view happiness.
People I Love!! (also helping with the happiness thing...and if you're not in any of the pictures, it doesn't mean I don't love you... :) just FYI)

My family...Brendon, Haydn, Grandma, Grandad, Mom, Dad, me, Graham, Marina, Brady, Jake, Ellaiyna, Charlotte, and Brittney.

Me and Granny...she's pretty much my hero.

Whitney, JJ, Casey, Brant, Sadie, Andy, and me outside of Chile's for my "surprise" birthday dinner last weekend.


Kiersten said...

If you can figure that out at nineteen, you're going to have a good life.

(Says the old-and-wise twenty-five-year-old, lol...)

Also, hi right back at you ; )

Whitney Leigh said...

good times.

Whitney Leigh said...

You spelled Chili's wrong.