Saturday, March 2, 2013

it's time for me to get outside.

today is dr. seuss's birthday. it is still a mystery as to how i remember this without having to look it up on the interwebs, but there it is.

i live in a basement apartment, which means a couple of different things. the first being that there are (were) lots of spiders. there was even one on the side of our house that i'd pass everyday in his web. i came close to naming him, but you don't ultimately name things you're going to (for lack of better words) obliterate. after doing some research as to how to get rid of them and after a few close encounters our first month of marriage, parker made the call to the exterminator. (it was either an exterminator or get a cat, and we can barely take care of ourselves let alone another animal. we will be great parents).

$50 later (the BEST $50 i have ever spent. no joke.) we were spider free. well, kind of. there were spider carcasses that we'd occasionally find on the middle of the floor because they had hit the poison and staggered out there to die.

i have no sympathy for them.

anyway, the second thing that it means is that i rarely, if ever, see sunlight. we have a total of five windows in our 600 square feet of luxury and they're all at the top two feet of the wall. i never open these windows, because not much sun comes in them anyway, and i had seen more than my fair share of spider webs by the windows, so i wasn't risking my piece of mind for some vitamin d.

i recently quit my job to finish up my last online class, so i pretty much sit at this computer for 8 hours every day in my sunless apartment. i never get human contact. unless i venture out to the store to get groceries and whatnot (or, in yesterday's case, ringworm cream. yes, i have RINGWORM on my arm from my cast and brace...sick. only dogs and wrestlers get ringworm. how embarrassing.)

this is my long way of saying i need to get outside and away from my computer, so i'm off to take a walk. au revoir.


Brittany Erin Nelson said...

We need to see each other. I'm emailing you.

Whitney Leigh said...

I had ringworm once. on my head. from my cat.
and by mentioning ringworm, I must insist on trafficking you to these girls. (to of my fave, I'm going to see Alissa this halloween.)

we love to talk about ringworm.
allllssoooo, I'd be willing to fork out the money for an exterminator this summer if the spiders get out of hand. If I remember right, last summer wasn't bad.

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

You vampire. Vampires get ringworm too.

And I found you through Whitney. So glad I did (probably because I don't really get escrow either... or why it has such a silly name.)