Thursday, February 28, 2013

happy new year.

[as a precursor to the real post, i will just acknowledge the fact that not posting after that last post really did make it look like i was attacked by gremlins. i wasn't.]

spring is around the corner. i can feel it.

thank goodness, too, because this winter in northern utah has been abysmal.
today is the last day of the second most abysmal month (january, of course, being the first.)

so, tomorrow is my official new year.
(a statement i made about march a couple years back, right before my life changed forever.)
(which sounds like the tag line to a really terrible romantic comedy.)

(my life really did change. i married that boy who made me a mix cd.)

not this boy. this is whitney (not a boy). and me. circa 2007. mostly placed in here because i felt it was appropriate for unknown reasons.

1 comment:

Whitney Leigh said...

Bahaha that is so not as bad as I was expecting. I mean, you have some pretty bad pictures of me. So I'm not mad.

Also, you should really try snowboarding or skiing. It makes winter a lot more enjoyable.

I'll teach you.