Thursday, March 3, 2011

another kind of madness, maybe.

march is a magical month for me.

march first is almost more of a new year for me than january first. winter is on the downward spiral (although it will rear its ugly head many more times until the beginning of july) and bulbs are sprouting. it's hopeful.

i'm filled with hope right now. hope in the future, scary place that it is, and hope in my imperfections, which i'm slowly learning aren't as imperfect as i always thought they were.

we have a distorted view of perfection in our society.
i have hope in that knowledge.
the knowledge that i'm redefining perfect in the right ways.

cheers to march.


Whitney Leigh said...

yay for hope! i feel like there is some mormon ad about hope... like adoption, isn't it that's love. hm. i'll think on it.

like ted+us=hill...

Captain Danger said...

That is an awesome picture, Kayleigh. That's all I have to say about that. Happy March!

Sarah said...

Here, Here!!