Tuesday, October 9, 2012


you remember that movie the gremlins?

and the whole day/night that happened as a direct result of that idiot teenager giving into a "cute" animal just because it batted its eyelashes and promised him wealth beyond his imagination? (okay, that last part was made up.)

exhibit a:

the chaos and terror of that day doesn't even begin to describe my day.

as i was driving home after this day from hell, i got stopped in one lane traffic on one of the main roads in ogden. the other lane was blocked off by a bunch of orange cones with seemingly no actual construction going on. (utah...)

i then began deciding how much damage would happen to my car if i decided that there really was no construction and ran over every one of those cones.

you know, one probably wouldn't do damage. two, even. but i don't think a whole flock of these cones is going to be nice to my car.

this then led to an image of my car being jammed with those orange cones and some major wreckage happening.

by that point in the thought process, the traffic was gone.
needless to say, stella was spared and the flock of cones (that should be a cover band name for flock of seagulls) won this battle.

but it won't win the war....

(p.s. don't google movie stills from gremlins. especially when you're home by yourself. just don't do it. and then don't feed those stills after midnight. you'll regret it later.)

(p.p.s. bad movie "joke" in that last sentence. it's been a long day.)

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Whitney Leigh said...

you google images of Gremlins when you're alone? No wonder you weren't hardly bothered last night. you're hard core.