Sunday, January 8, 2012

alrighty, world. it's 2012.

when the clock struck midnight to 2011, i could feel change in my bones. it resonated. i was done with the old and could feel that 2011 would be my year.

it started out with me facing some demons and getting to a better point in my relationship with myself. hard work, but good work. something that needed to be done.

i know some people say that they know when magical things will be coming their way, but really, how do they know? i'd like to point out that back in the beginning of march on my blog, i felt hope in the air. it was permeable for me. things were going to be changing.

and two days later they did. :) i met parker.

so, when people say they knew magical things were coming in their lives, don't question them. they probably did know. they probably felt it in their bones, like i did. they probably had this cloud of hope swirling around in their brains, filling every crack of their lives with wonder and possibility.

it happened to me.


Captain Danger said...

I totally understand what you mean about feeling hope going on. I had a similar experience at the beginning of December! I hope you keep writing, Kayleigh, you blog is always fun to read.

Whitney Leigh said...

i agree kayleigh. keep writing. seriously.

mwoodall said...

Oh my goodness Kayleigh! I've been feeling that magical feeling a lot lately. I KNOW this year will be amazing for me. Just like going into last year I knew it would be hard for me. Yay for trusting instincts. :) And yay for magical feelings! I'm glad you speak my language!

Whitney Leigh said...

remember how you haven't kept writing?