Thursday, June 16, 2011

the day i got a blister

i remember the first time i watched raders of the lost ark when i was younger. i was thoroughly impressed by harrison ford's good looks and was caught up in his fear of snakes (and how he looked so darned good while he was fighting them off with a torch)(i was fifteen and loved men in general). i was also creeped out by that one guy (remember him?) who burned his hand on that gold medallion and that's how they figured out where the ark of the covenant was (except it was wrong because he only burned the one side, etc. etc.).

i felt like him today (only a much less creepy and less german version).

remember that time i made stairs? i did that again this morning, forgetting that after you've drilled and drilled and drilled a screw, it's incredibly hot. this is the result.

no. i'm not lying.


Brittany Erin said...

Ow, that looks like it hurt. But as far as burns go, it's pretty cool.

Autumn said...

Ouch ouch ouch.