Friday, March 4, 2011

sometimes the highlight of my day is singing a church hymn in french.

i couldn't tell you why i love french so much. i just do. i love everything about it. the way it sounds. the way it feels in my mouth right before it becomes words. the way it feels as words in my mouth. sometimes when i speak it, i feel like i'm hearing someone else talk [those moments are magical].

one day a couple of weeks ago, life was a little rocky. i was on the up-end of a really difficult point in time, but i was still bruised. still a little down.

we sang a hymn in french. it's a hymn that i'm almost positive we don't have in english.
there wasn't any music that would accompany us on the church's website, so we sang a cappella.
the entire class sight read this music.

Souviens-toi, mon enfant:
Tes parents divins
Te serraient dans leurs bras
ce temps n'est pas loin.

Remember you, my child:
your heavenly parents
hold you in their arms,
the time is not far off.

(excuse my imperfect translation)

lovely, n'est-ce pas?


Merilee! said...

Ahhhhh I wish so bad I could speak French!! It is so beautiful!

emilia. said...

and your writing is getting better and better. this was worth the wait. thank you.

Mikhaela said...

Kayleigh that is exactly how i feel. French hymns just have this ameliorating affect on me. J'adore quand je chanterais et les mots volde (fly or soar is what i was going for) vers la classe. C'est une moment de bonheurs pour moi. :)

molly jane said...

I love this. I feel the same way when I sing the hymns in my Spanish class. It is a beautiful thing.