Monday, November 1, 2010

de la coeur

the last day of summer i bought a book from the byu bookstore: a book about life and the little things this man wrote to his son when he left home. a tangible object portraying the love that he has for his son and what he wants him to know.

today i read, "don't write down anything you don't want someone else to read."

which made me think of this blog.
and you.

you, readers, few as you may be.
you may be someone that i know. well, perhaps.
someone that i don't know.
someone on facebook who decided to be curious (or brave) and click on my blog's link.
someone who stumbled upon this blog luckily (or fatefully).

and i want to talk to you today. all of you. the friend. the acquaintance. the member of my home ward reading this blog. the stranger. this is what i want you to read.

be brave, and have courage. although you may be atheist, agnostic, or anything in between, i believe in god. i believe in a god who loves us. he loves me personally, and i know he loves you personally. and although you may not believe in god, believe that someone, somewhere, knows that you are being taken care of. that you are being watched over. whether through divine intervention, or through the divine intervention of others. you are loved.

this world is a mess. there's no denying it. but there are people like you out there to show the world that morals and ethics haven't disappeared.

don't doubt yourself. it doesn't get you anywhere. you have more potential than you realize (which is advice that i need to take myself).

we're all going through this existence together. help each other. if there's one thing you take from this post, it's this: love. love those around you. love the woman at the grocery store with the crying 3-year-old who's trying to budget out her food for the week. love the man in the metro who is reading his newspaper. he may very well be going through a divorce or losing a loved one and may need a friendly smile or someone to hold the door for him. you never know.

think of your human existence. you have fears. you have a past, a future, and a present. all of these people do as well and they need my help as well as yours to get through. be there for them. remember.

and that, my friends/acquaintances/strangers, is what i want you to know. what i want you to read. take it how it comes. it's not me being self-righteous, egotistical, persuasive. it's me telling you from the deepest pieces of my soul what i want you to know.

what i want you to know that i know.


Brittany Erin said...

I love this. I always wonder, why are we as a human race so mean to each other, when we're all we have?

Jeff and Sarah said...

Beautiful. It's hard to remember sometimes when we all think and react differently, but with patience and unconditional love we can conquer all:) I hope!!