Thursday, October 28, 2010


i love thursdays. i've probably said it before, but i'll say it again.

this particular thursday has been lovely. a 154 in my bowling class. brilliantly red leaves calling out to me amongst mud and brown. they make me wish i had a digital camera. some art.

currently, i'm in art history. why am i blogging?
who knows.

i got a 98% on my last test (and then began to think there must have been a mistake because that's such a surprising score) and decided my brain was going to give up on listening. it's just too difficult. and i'm just too tired. excuses? why yes. yes they are.

my french was tired this morning, too. my inability to comprehend what was going on was like when you have a rock in your shoe. something's terribly wrong, but it's so small it's mostly just an irritant. that's how i felt about french today. and i got told off for speaking in english.

i couldn't help it that the soiree chanson was boring last night and that sophie started talking about it en anglais.
then i realized the professor had stopped speaking and was looking at me (scary).

"vous etes fini, maintenant?"
sheepish. "oui. je suis desolee." (a term i'm familiar with)

he then said something about me being sorry. it was probably a threat. like, "yeah, you will be sorry." or something like that.

disclaimer: i realize my accent marks aren't there. i can't figure out how to post them without having major errors.

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