Thursday, July 29, 2010

twenty minutes to thursday

thursdays are my favorite day.
i think it stems from when i was eighteen in miss merrell's creative writing class and we read a poem about loving thursdays and i realized i was one of those people.

it's right before friday, so the anticipation for friday is still there sometimes for me the anticipation is more than the actual event and right after hump day. you're almost there.

i'm almost there.
in a lot of ways.
i've felt very inspired recently. it's been awesome. more than awesome. it's been extraordinary. life really is for living. i'm enjoying it!

in other news: i'm going to shoot something on saturday!


Blicious said...

i love Thursdays too! you should still write poems!


Ana said...

i'm pretty sure astrologically something is going on! because i am not always an inspired person and i have been feeling the same way! on thursdays....i think i was one of those people as well, but they kind of lose their charm when you work friday and saturday haha
i'm glad everything seems to be going well :) and you better use some of that inspiration on that book you're supposed to be writing :)

love you <3