Monday, July 5, 2010


miracles so far for today:
emailing back and forth with this guy for ten minutes or so.
yes. he's wearing church clothes. in a hot tub.
today is a branticus day. one of those days where i really just needed to talk with a guy.
but! happy news!

hota hota is coming back in three months!
count 'em....THREE!
then they'll just come back quick. i hope.


SadieJean said...

Who is Hota Hota? I'm confused, don't brant have like 10 months left?

Kayleigh said...

hota hota is jj. "hota" is phonetically a "j" in spanish, apparently. so hota hota is jj.

Whitney Leigh said...

i totally came up with that nick name.