Sunday, April 25, 2010

to branticus:

all of us went and caught frogs in the pond behind your house. then we brought them inside and they were definitely scared of the cold, black surface they had been put on.

i miss those days. and i miss you, my platonic friend.

i almost called you the other day. i was upset really upset. the kind of upset that i always talked to you about. and whether you gave me good advice or not, at least you listened. and you'd give me a big, branticus hug, and although things wouldn't be okay necessarily, the words were out in the open. the words that were bothering me on the inside were tangibly out in space.

back to almost calling you: i didn't care that you were in mississippi on a mission. i was set on calling you anyway. i'm not your girlfriend. and i needed you to let me cry.

then i realized that i was being ridiculous.

hurrah for israel in mississippi. i guess a letter will have to do. just understand that a lot of crying is behind the words.


Ms. D said...

hurrah for israel!!

Kayleigh said...

hello ms. d! i love new readers. please come back!

Whitney Leigh said...

Brant never gave good advice.

But his hugs always helped.