Saturday, June 5, 2010

one sunny day the world was waiting for a lover

dear sexy sadie:

do you have a cigarette? or pepper spray?
and did you realize you should probably get a new keyboard?
because really. the one you've got almost ended up out the window as we planned our adventure for the 14th of june.

and you can pose with the sculptures at the hirshorn museum and sculpture garden. promise.

love, kayleigh

p.s. this picture may have accidentally been burned to that cd of pics you made me.
p.p.s. check out sadie's blog here.
p.p.p.s. is that even legal? washington d.c. in nine days!!


SadieJean said...

Oh my goodness a FULL post about me one your blog! I feel so special! Thanks! I love you! You're awesome!

Whitney Leigh said...

Aw. And now SHE has a baby. We're behind, Kay. But I'm alright with that.